Top 10 places to visit in Morocco in 2019


Have you watched the films Lawrence of Arabia, Gladiator, and The Mummy?. Ouarzazate region was the place where those films were shot. It is home to the largest Hollywood studio in the world. So, have your camera handy to take pictures of Ouarzazate movie studio and the places where those Hollywood films were shot!



Rabat is the administrative and political capital of Morocco, and second in population behind Casablanca. This city will probably not be on the wish-list for many travelers to visit. However, the imperial city of Rabat has so much history on its back, with a number of sites and attractions to visit. You can start your day by visiting the “Hassan Tower” built in 1195.

Note: Rabat was ranked 2nd top travel destination for 2013 by CNN

Hassan tower


Chefchaouen or Chaouen is a spectacular mountain town located in the north of Morocco. Despite its beautiful location with waterfalls and a national park nearby, Chaouen has retained its low-key charm; Thus, presenting an ideal opportunity for travelers to explore the town and enjoy the peace and the tranquility that this place has to offer.



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